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What I've Learned So Far

I've been reflecting on the Camp Christopher story and community lately. Learning new things has always been fun for me and this is no different. The list of things I've learned on this journey so far:

  • I was naive to the desperate need that people had for a safe space to share their story when it comes suicide and mental health.

  • When we share our story we form a community that is beautiful and looks beyond our differences. Shared experiences and feelings means shared compassion for one another.

  • This is a giving community and it blows me away every time. Folks have split and stacked wood, mowed, planted flowers, cleaned up, moved stuff, donated things, are building a bushcraft shelter (look it up) and so much more. I know there are those praying and bringing good thoughts to us and the families experiencing Camp Chris.

  • Esther and I had not come close to fully grieving the loss of my brother. This experience was needed for us to continue that journey.

  • Letting people camp for free was absolutely the right thing to do but it also means there is no firm commitment. We've had lots of cancellations but have been able to fill most of those dates.

  • Nobody reads the information sheet I send them...ha!

  • The mosquitoes are ridiculous and I have almost been tempted to spray but I'm so opposed to letting those chemicals get in the river and our environment.

  • We need to get the screened gazebo up as soon as possible.

  • Getting the electricity installed correctly and hooked up is expensive!

  • This experience has been overwhelming in the most beautiful way.

  • We will be doing this again next summer but need to tweak the reservation system and communication.

  • This place is beautiful and healing. It touches your soul in ways that can't be put into words.

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Colton Roballo
Colton Roballo
Jun 20, 2023

I have been considering the mosquito problem, and I wonder what growing lemongrass and peppermint in the bush would do for mosquito control. I like that you're putting up the screened gazebo, but this land deserves to be explored, not sheltered in. But they are a mess. I walked in the river and they just consumed me! Hello Campers :-) You may notice my logs for the shelter starting to accumulate on the south site, I have a lot of great ideas coming together for a shelter that I hope will bring a great view during your stay!


Julie Prindle
Julie Prindle
Jun 20, 2023

This camp was absolutely incredible for my three kids and myself. Sometimes being a single mom and traveling can be difficult and or scary but this was perfect. We even got to bring our old dog with which was priceless! Thank you again, ever so much!

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