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This Is Our Story


Our names are Dave and Esther Endicott. We live in Jenkins, MN on the farm where Esther grew up as a child. We are retired alpaca farmers, live in a yurt and own Serenity Now Yarn & Alpaca Shop in Pine River, MN. Dave is a retired teacher and administrator who is now working for Minnesota Farmers Union and Esther runs the yarn shop. We recently bought a piece of land near Cotton, MN after looking for a place to camp near a river the past few years. Sharing the gifts we have been given has been a part of our life motto. Along with this, we lost my brother Chris to suicide in November 2021. This has led to the creation of Camp Christopher. Our hope is that you can find a safe place to get away and find a bit of healing while you are here.  No payment is necessary but if you want to donate to in memory of a loved one please feel free to do so. 

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