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Flooded River, Flooded Soul

I spent last Friday at Camp Christopher. Only my second time there and the last time it was buried in 3 ft. of snow. What once was river front property is temporarily lake front! Some serious flooding from the snow melt. Still beautiful, high and dry where the camper would go and the deck was dry. Well it's soggy everywhere you walk but you get the drift. The spirit of the place was very present and my soul was flooded with the beauty of the creation. I enjoyed watching a couple of Canadian Geese swimming and finding a place rest on a small island amidst the raging river. There ducks flying and landing on the swollen river, an otter swimming by the far shore and Rusty Blackbirds hopping next to the river right in front of me as I sat on the deck. The sun was shining with a nice breeze. It was truly a healing moment for me to spend time at this place. I found a couple of trails that were soggy and some still snow covered but lots of signs of deer on the trail.

Also, there is plenty of clean up to be done at Camp Christopher. Lots of debris is laying around from the previous owner and I'm sure once the river recedes back to its banks there will be more found. We are going to have a couple of work days on Sunday, May 14 (Mother's Day) and Sunday, May 28 (Memorial Weekend) starting at 10 a.m. until ??. Come whenever you can and stay as long as you want. I may be there another Saturday or two before that and will keep you posted here if that happens. Sometime I'll be getting a fire ring and a picnic table to add to the space but will wait until the river is back to normal before bringing those things down to the camp. There are a number of you who have offered to help with caretaking, mowing, etc. I will try and get some type of meeting so we can schedule some things for the next few months. Y'all are awesome!

On my way home on Friday I stopped at Old School Lives ( and checked out the cool old school (I am an old elementary teacher and coach so loved seeing this space and how it is being utilized.) where they have a so much goodness happening. They have stepped up to partner with us and offer water and hot showers to those camping at Camp Christopher! How incredible is that?! So wonderfully blessed by so many as this comes to fruition.

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