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Camp Christopher October Newsletter

  • Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. I think everyday should be World Mental Health Day. We don't ever take a break from our mental health moments, good and bad. I pray you are finding that space, those people and whatever else you need to stay balanced and grounded. You are worth it - I sometimes hate when I see that overused phrase but from my experience we underestimate our own worth to others and our communities. Please know you are valued and a gift. If you are struggling and at your deepest, darkest moments take that few seconds of time and reach out for support, help and love. There is hope and light somewhere at the end of that tunnel and let others help you walk through it to get to that hope.

  • We are coming to the end of the first summer of the Camp Christopher camping. This community has given Esther and I so much more than we could give and we are forever grateful for you. From a total whim of a Facebook post to literally hundreds of new friends and stories. I haven't counted how many campers but it was overwhelming in such a good way. We will continue to work on improving the experience for others over the next year and years. Our hope is to get Hawthorne Lane and the driveway fixed up next spring/summer. We are adding a corn hole/bean bag toss game to the shed supplies as well as a table and other goodies. Longer term goals include getting a permanent gazebo structure put on the deck and a well but those are probably down the road a ways.

  • Our plan is to open up for reservations in January 2024 for the summer of 2024. Our son-in-law is working on developing a reservation system that will improve that experience for all. We will keep you posted when that is up and running. If it doesn't work out then we will revert back to the way we did it this year. We are looking at the possibility of asking folks if they are open to allowing another group to camp at the same time in the hopes we can serve more people. Let me know your thoughts on that. I was also wondering about limiting it to 3 or 4 nights for reservations in order to serve more but the reality is we only had one or two reservations this past summer that were longer than that. Any other suggestions are gladly accepted. This is YOUR camp and we want you to be a voice in the planning.

  • CAMP CHRISTOPHER COMMUNITY PICNIC - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22 @ 1:00 P.M. AT CAMP CHRISTOPHER - A time for all those who have been impacted by Camp Christopher, have impacted Camp Christopher, have prayed, helped or in anyway been connected to gather and share a meal. It will be potluck - please bring a dish to share, your own chairs, your own beverages and yourselves. Nothing better than gathering around the table for a meal and sharing our stories. I don't beg much but please, please join us. We want to celebrate you! (Rain date will be October 29 at the same time.)

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I really appreciate the post today. As it is gearing up into winter I am starting to feel the winter blues and this was a good reminder to ground myself. I wish I could make it to the pot luck but I will be out of town. I like the idea to open up the site to multiple groups but maybe make it an opt- in system.

Mi piace
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