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Camp Christopher May Update

Dear friends, we have had two campers now get stuck at the end of the driveway by the porta-potty, electric post. The issue is where they trenched in the electric line was not properly restored and is now a mud pit. If you are coming to Camp Chris please don't drive past the shed. I'm going up there tomorrow to check it out and will give an update here and on the website. We are working on a solution for the driveway and road but it may take time for it to be done due to the wet conditions.

Also, I was made aware that the trail cam we have on the site may be triggering for some folks. Please know that I put it there to see what kind of wildlife we have at the camp. It is not intended nor used to spy on people. It is not set to video and only takes still shots. I always delete any non animal pics when I receive them. However, I want to be sensitive to those who may find a camera disturbing. You are welcome to turn it off during your stay. Just open up the box and the switch is on the left as you look at it. Push it all the way down (I think.) and it will be off. I just ask that you turn it back on when you leave. My apologies if this has upset any of our campers in any way.

I'm literally shaking and in tears that we have had two campers who desperately needed the peace and safe space to work through life and instead this place added to their anxiety and made it more difficult to navigate. I wish I had an answer to make it all better but I don't. We really want this to be a place that helps not hurts. We may have to consider if it is accomplishing the goals we had in mind or if it is time to close it up. Not there yet but struggling with it all right now.

Please take care of yourselves.


P.S. There are still dates available for this summer.

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