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Camp Christopher January Update - Let the reservations begin!

I hope that this new year finds you well and finding the support you need to navigate all that life brings you. We are so thankful for the Camp Christopher Community and the blessing you all have been to us! This update is to let you know that we are opening up the reservations for 2024! I'll note below all the information you need. We are going to open up the camp in the middle of April weather permitting. We do not pay for snow plowing so if we have a late winter with lots of snow that date will be moved. Check out the scoop below:

  • Reservations are being accepted now. They will only be received at I will not accept requests on Facebook. It got to be too complicated to manage both sites for reservations.

  • We will be asking you if you would be willing to have others camp on site with you. No pressure. If you want the space to yourself - it's all yours. If you are willing to share (there is lots of room to spread out so that you have some of your own space) then just let us know. The hope is we can accommodate more people and turn fewer people down.

  • As soon as we can we will be getting the road and driveway into the camp repaired and more passable. Not sure when as weather will determine much of that.

  • Our hope is to possibly get a well drilled this summer. No promises but if I can sell enough houses (I play a realtor part of my life.) we might make it work financially.

  • We have two brand new cornhole games for your entertainment pleasure this year!

Please let us know if you have any ideas for the camp. We are excited for another year to share Camp Chris with you and your loved ones.

Peace y'all,

Dave & Esther

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