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Camp Christopher February Update

It seems that winter has returned after a crazy, mild winter at least in our neck of the woods. I must say I don't mind the nice winter weather as I'm not a big fan of the cold and snow in general. The nice, warm weather has got me dreaming of camping and spending time at Camp Christopher.

I have also been reminded this past week that there are many struggling with their mental health in this season. A dear friend who lost a daughter to suicide in August has shared his struggle with the up and down emotions that come with grief. My own experience has shown that you never know when something will trigger all the emotions and sometimes when you think you will get triggered you feel nothing. This grief journey never ends but takes us down different paths. We learn to cope, to be compassionate, to be sensitive to those who are having their own mental health challenges. I wish I had magic pills or at least the right words to make it all better but that is not real. My prayer is that you have that friend, spouse, family member that you can be real with your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The other hope is that Camp Christopher can become that place where you can grieve, hope, cry, sing, pray and feel enveloped by the healing gift of nature. It does that for Esther and I every time we go there. We have been deeply touched by your stories and the experiences you have shared at Camp Chris. Part of our own healing in dealing with the loss of my brother has been the gift of this place and most importantly the people who have opened their hearts and told us their journey. Thank you for being real and letting your hearts pour out with your love, hurt and compassion.

Please know there are many dates still available for this summer. Check out the calendar under the reservations tab on the website to see what days are available. If you see a name with a + sign it means that the family that has reserved it is willing to share the space. A name without the + sign is reserved solely for that family. Email me at with any questions or to make a reservation.

Always know if you need a listening ear please feel free to call me at my number below. I am not a counselor or therapist but can offer a listening ear if you do not have that person in your life right now.

Blessings my friends,



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