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Camp Christopher Almost March Update

The sun is shining at our yurt today but it is one of the few days where we are experiencing winter temperatures. I must admit I have enjoyed the mild winter and it has made me itch to get up to Camp Christopher. Esther and I are hoping to stop up there on March 5 in the afternoon on our way to Duluth for a concert. A few notes and updates below:

  • There are still many dates available for camping this summer. Take a look at the calendar on the website and email me at to make a reservation. Please feel free to share this.

  • We will be getting the road and driveway repaired this spring/summer as soon as we are able with weather, road constrictions and availability of the construction folks.

  • New thing for this year are a couple of cornhole games in the shed complete with the bags. I'm sure we and others will be adding more stuff to this as well.

  • No promises but it is our hope to possibly drill a well this summer and have water - we will keep you posted.

  • Check out this podcast! I was honored to be invited to share our story with Greg and Catherine.

  • Please know you are welcome to visit Camp Christopher if you are driving through the area. Just email me and I can get you the address.

  • Also, if you need a place to vent, talk, or whatever don't hesitate to email me or give me a call. I am not counselor but glad to listen and have resources if needed.

  • We will be planning a kick-off/clean up potluck sometime in April or May. Keep your eyes open to the website, Facebook page and email for details to come.

Grace and peace,


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