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Camp Chris September Newsletter

I love fall, the temps are in my wheelhouse, the leaves turning color, mosquitoes disappearing (I hope.) and all that goes with it. And yes, I'm a big pumpkin pie fan not to mention the pumpkin Blizzards and such. I'm looking forward to our first fall at Camp Christopher to experience that season at the camp.

Fall can bring a lot of different emotions for people as school starts back-up and schedules get a bit crazier with activities. I hope you are finding your grounding space and the support you need for the emotional roller coaster this can bring. If you need a break at Camp Christopher for an afternoon or day or whatever please reach out to me. While most days have people camping there my experience is that many are willing to share the space for your own personal healing, grieving and connecting with nature.

We are coming up on the 2nd anniversary of losing my brother to suicide in November. Last year this hit me in a stronger way than I thought it would. Not debilitating but just sitting in the back of my brain. As I've been reflecting on this journey I realize that while telling the story of the suicide is painful it is the story leading up to the suicide I find most difficult. How do you share without tarnishing the image of a brother or loved one along the way. Not all stories are the same I realize but for me this one is a challenge. No great words of wisdom here just the raw truth. Please share your journey below in the comments if you feel compelled.

A few random notes:

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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