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Another Camp Chris June Update

Just a couple of quick notes:

  • Friends of Camp Christopher - I am not a fan of spraying for mosquitoes being a beekeeper and lover of nature, however, the mosquitoes are so bad this year up at the camp that it makes it almost impossible to stay there. So, reluctantly, I have decided to get the grounds sprayed for the rest of the summer or until it becomes tolerable again. I can't tell you how much I struggled with this decision but the importance of this space being available for those who need it for grieving, healing, hoping and reflecting outweighed the environmental concerns. Hopefully, within the next week it will be a little less annoying to enjoy this space.

  • The road and driveway are very passable now but have not been fixed to the level we want because of the wet conditions. We have our contractor ready to roll as soon as the weather allows.

  • Plenty of openings - check out the calendar.

Peace my friends,


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